General Yi Sun-Shin, Chung-Mu-Gong (Lee Nae-Won)

2017.03.18 16:21


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General Yi Sun-Shin, Chung-Mu-Gong

(Lee Nae-Won)/Adorer of General Yi Sun-Shin)

About 460 years ago, General Yi Sun-Shin was born on March 8, 1545(April 28 in solar calendar) at the era of King In-Jong of Jo-Seon dynasty at the Geon-Cheon-Dong (presently , In-Hyeon-Dong, Jung-Gu) of Seoul as the third son of Yi Jeong, his father, a scholar and surname Byeon in native of Cho-Gye as his mother.

His father, Yi Jeong not having been in government service, his family in financial hardship had to move to Bae-Am village of A-San in Chung-Cheong province. That is why the A-San became the hometown and the playground of his child-hood, in which later the Temple Hyeon-Chung enshrining of The Chung-Mu-Gong was located.