The seven success factors of leadership of Chung-Mu-Gong (Lee Min-Woong)

2017.03.18 16:22


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The seven success factors of leadership of Chung-Mu-Gong
Lee Min-Woong/The professor of Korea Naval Academy

The general of wisdom: Intellectual competencies and skills in the highest level
The generals could be categorized as follows: the one of virtue who leads soldiers with morality, the other of braveness with courageousness and the last of wisdom who leads them with intellectual competencies and skills, the criteria of which is an individual virtue as a general. I do not hesitate to insist Yi, Sun-shin be the general of wisdom.

Yi sun-shin in his youth would study the major scriptures of Neo-Confucianism before he turned toward military fields, implying that he had intellectually reached at the summit of the time and furthermore extensively read the major books on military science such as “The Seven Military Classics”. Therefore, the king, Jeong-jo later published the collective writings, “Yi Chung Mu Gong Jeon-seo” despite the oppositions of liege men and rather granted him with the title of “Yu Jang (The general with Confucian excellence).

As shown above, Yi Sun-Shin having mastered the most of books on military science also paid attention to the new weaponries and strategies/tactics. In other words, he explored with the best efforts to introduce new strategies/tactics applicable to the battle fields in the best readiness to win the war.