The leadership of victory of Yi Sun-Shin (Lim Won-Bin)

2017.03.18 16:23


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The leadership of victory of Yi Sun-Shin

Lim Won-Bin((The chief of the research insititute of Yi Sun-Shin, Soon-Chun-Hyang University)


The leadership is a skill or spirit of the leader to exert a influence on members to do their best to accomplish the mission in unison. The good leadership demands two qualifications as follows. The one is the professionality, the other morality. While the professionality could be detailed in professional knowledge and innovative competence, the morality could be in value consciousness and noble personality. I would term the leader with professionality as the competent leader and the leader addedly combined with morality as the great leader. I would examine the leadership of Yi Sun-Shin who had led the perfect victories of entire naval battles in four categories.